It’s Official: RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD among the top Retail Contractors in the nation

RAYWEST officially acquired an RCA membership earlier this year.

Founded in 1990, the Retail Contractors Association (RCA) is a national organization of high-caliber retail contractors united to provide a solid foundation of ethics, quality and professionalism within the retail construction industry.

Composed of elite retail contractors all across the nation, RCA demonstrates its quality by promoting excellence and ethical practices in the industry, establishing industry standards, fostering collaboration between retailers, developers and contractors, and exchanging ideas and industry trends.

Member companies are rigorously vetted and approved by the Board of Directors. To qualify for membership, a company must be a general contractor with significant business operations in retail construction, have an excellent reputation in the industry, including references, been a general contractor for at least five years, and be properly licensed in all states where it conducts business. Safety record, bond-ability, and appropriate insurance coverage are also reviewed.

With this addition under our belt, we at RAYWEST understand the level of service expected from us and find it already aligns with our values and standards. We look forward to the opportunity this network will provide.

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