5 Things to Consider When Building a Commercial Space for a Medical Facility

Building a commercial space for a medical facility requires careful planning and attention to detail. From healthcare centers to dental offices and pharmacies, the design and construction of these facilities significantly impact the quality of care provided to patients. Let’s dive into the 5 things you need to know before building a commercial space for […]


The Flexibility of Upfit Construction: Transform Your Business Space

Embarking on the journey to find the ideal location for your new business is nothing short of thrilling. You’ve carefully envisioned a space that harmonizes perfectly with your business objectives and aspirations. However, what do you do when the existing structure falls short of bringing your vision to fruition? The answer lies in the world […]


Building for the Food Industry – The Jersey Mike’s Story

The commercial construction industry serves a myriad of business types, each with unique requirements and considerations; one of those is the food industry. We recently completed an upfit for Jersey Mike’s located in Ocean Isle, NC. If you are not familiar with Jersey Mike’s Subs, they are a fast-growing sandwich chain with over 2,538 locations […]

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