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Felipe’s Wey Mexican Grill, a delicious fast-casual restaurant serving up Mexican inspired favorites just celebrated its Grand Opening with the help of RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD. Located next door to Duck Donuts, the new eatery shows off a sleek look for both the back-of-house and front-of house-areas.

Felipe’s front-of-house design features an inviting entry, open dining area, and an assembly line style counter space where customers are able to order their meal and customize it how they choose. The back-of-house construction was centered around the installation of the cookline, dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, and storage areas.

The restaurant also features an excellent outdoor patio space for patrons to enjoy the outdoors as they dine.

RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD specializes in restaurant new construction, renovations, and up-fits. Whether you are looking to renovate an older building, refurbish an existing space, or design a completely new location for your franchise or single-location restaurant, the RAYWEST team has the experience and industry knowledge to handle your project.

Restaurant projects are typically more specialized in nature as they require specific plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work to ensure the kitchen meets required health and safety codes. RAYWEST ensures your restaurant is in compliance with county health departments, the department of building and safety, fire marshalls, and adheres to guidelines set by the ADA.

Need A Hand With Your Restaurant Project?

RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD has extensive experience in the restaurant construction industry and is here to help your project reflect your vision. Our team of architects, engineers, contractors, and builders are eager to help you transform your restaurant space!

Located next door to Duck Donuts