5 Reasons to Choose Design-Build Construction

Did you know design-build is the fastest growing and most popular method for project delivery in the U.S.? What once was considered an “alternative” way to complete projects has now completely shifted the construction industry.

What is Design-Build Construction?

Design-build is a system of project delivery. Compared to traditional project delivery where an owner must manage two separate contracts for a designer and contractor, the design-build method fuses both design and construction functions together to form a single contractual entity. With the design-build approach, the owner is responsible for managing one contract, with one single point of contact. The contractor and designer work in unison from project start to finish, providing recommendations in accordance with the owner’s budget and schedule.

Design Build vs.Traditional Project Delivery RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD

Traditional Delivery vs. the Design-Build Method

While a single-source of contracting is the main difference between design-build and traditional delivery, it’s important to note that culture is also a huge factor.

Design-build encourages collaborative problem-solving, innovation, accountability, and eliminates blame-shifting and confusion between those involved. A traditional project delivery method can often create tension between a designer and contractor in the face of obstacles like schedule changes, additional project costs, etc.

Design-build continuously outperforms various other delivery methods when analyzing project cost, construction speed, delivery speed, schedule growth, and more.

5 Benefits of Design-Build Construction Raywest Designbuild

Rather than work with multiple different parties, an owner manages just one contract with one single point of contact.

Research has shown that design-build projects can save up to 6.1% in project cost when compared to traditional methods.


Speed is more often than not the main reason owners chose the design-build method when selecting their delivery options for their new or renovation construction project. According to studies, design-build projects are completed 12% faster than other methods.

The design-build method inspires innovation and collaboration amongst parties involved, which is why many owners are turning to this method for their construction needs.

Design-build is known to outperform traditional construction delivery in categories like: number of callbacks, operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency, quicker startup time, and more.

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